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Parking Violations and Fines

Vehicles may be issued citations for violating the following campus parking violations. Most fines increase if not paid within 7 calendar days.

Violation Description Fine Amount
(1) Walks and drives Issued to vehicles parked in drive lanes, roadways, or on sidewalks, walking paths, or other pedestrian areas. $35.00
(2) Parking in disabled spaces without University registration and appropriate permit Issued to vehicles parked in marked disabled spaces without the appropriate disability permit or license plate. $250.00
(3) Parking in restricted lots without appropriate permit (6:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.) Issued to vehicles parking in university parking lots without the permit required for that lot. **See below. $35.00
(4) Parking in reserved lots or spaces at any time without appropriate permit Issued to vehicles parked in lots or spaces that are reserved for specific permits AT ALL TIMES without the proper permit. **See below. $35.00
(5) Improper parking not included in other violations Issued to vehicles parked improperly. For example: Parked over space lines, parked against the flow of traffic, back in parking when no back in parking is allowed. $15.00
(6) Failure to display or improper display of permit Issued to vehicles that fail to display their permit, OR display the permit in such a way as the permit number and or dates are unreadable. $5.00
(7) Meter violation Issued to vehicles parked at expired meters OR malfunctioning meters. Vehicles parked at an expired meter for an extended duration may accumulate multiple citations. $20.00
(8) All service areas Issued to vehicles parked in lots or spaces specifically marked SERVICE VEHICLES ONLY. These spaces are reserved for university owned vehicles displaying the "U" license plate. $35.00
(9) Loading zone Issued to vehicles parked beyond the posted time limit in loading zones. Vehicles parked in a Loading Zone for an extended duration may accumulate multiple citations. $35.00
(10) Other Issued to vehicles violating policies or regulations not specifically described in other violations. $10.00
(11) Parking in violation of safety regulations, fire lanes, hydrants, emergency vehicle lanes and spaces (first offense) Issued to vehicles left unattended (running or not) in fire lanes, within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, or within an emergency lane or space. $55.00
(12) Altering or manufacturing a permit Issued to vehicles displaying a permit that has been altered or manufactured by anyone other than the parking office. $205.00
(13) Possession or use of lost, stolen or revoked permit Issued to vehicles displaying a permit that is reported as having been lost, stolen, or has been revoked. $255.00

** Persons charged with this violation who do hold a valid permit and were parked in the correct area may request a reduction of the lot or space violation to a $5.00 violation for failure to display the permit or improper display of the permit. This reduction is not automatic and must be requested by the violator. Current and valid permit status will be established by our office before any reduction is made. To be eligible for this reduction the request must be made within 30 days of receiving the violation.

All charges are subject to change.

Give 'Em A Break!

Under the "Give 'Em A Break" program, our office offers citation removal or reduction under certain circumstances. If you receive a citation you feel qualifies for a reduction or removal as indicated below, please contact our office within 7 days of receiving the citation. You do not need to participate in the citation appeal process to receive consideration under the Give 'Em A Break program.

University Affiliated Permit Holders:

The first failure to display, or improper display of permit citation you receive on campus is eligible for removal. Subsequent citations for this specific offense will be reduced to $5.00 upon your request. You must make the request within 30 days of receiving the citation. Once a citation has been transferred to the Student Accounts office for collection, you are no longer eligible for a reduction or removal so it is important you contact us within 30 days.

Non-University Affiliated Customers:

Visitors to our campus are eligible to have the first citation they receive removed provided the citation was not issued for any of the violations listed below.

  • Parking in an ADA (handicapped) space without a valid State issued placard.
  • Safety violations (fire lanes, walks and drives, failure to follow parking lot attendant instructions).
  • Parking in posted construction areas.
  • Parking in special use spaces like loading zones, business permit spaces and bagged/reserved meters or spaces.

Paying Fines

Penalties are payable in person, on-line, or by mail at:

Office of Parking and Transportation
709 N. Main Street
Campus Box 9250
Normal, IL 61790-9250

Citation payments may also be deposited in yellow courtesy boxes on campus. Please do not put cash in the campus drop boxes. Cash payments should be made in person at our office.

If you plan to pay for your citation with a large amount of coins, these will be accepted only if rolled. Upon request, our office can supply coin rolls to anyone attempting to pay by this method.