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Towing Offenses

  • Vehicles not properly displaying a valid license plate and inoperable vehicles are considered abandoned. They are subject to immediate tow at the owner's expense.
  • Parking is not permitted in no parking zones, fire lanes, yellow painted zones, within fifteen (15) feet of fire hydrants, on crosswalks, drives or sidewalks, on grass or tree plots, or in any place where parking would mar the landscape of the campus, create a safety hazard, or interfere with the use of University facilities. People who violate are subject to immediate tow at the owner's or driver's expense.

Vehicles are subject to fine and/or immediate tow at the owner's expense for:

  • The use of non-metered parking areas without appropriate and valid permit or decal.
  • The use of parking areas, including meters, when $150.00 or more of unpaid fines have been accumulated.
  • Parking on campus while displaying a lost, stolen, manufactured, or altered permit.
  • Parking a vehicle on campus that is driven or owned by an individual who has had their parking privileges revoked.
  • Violations of:
    • safety regulations as cited above
    • reserved spaces or reserved zones
    • service spaces, business spaces, and loading zones
    • spaces designated for ADA parking
    • storage lots

Vehicles will be subject to immediate tow 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Departmental Tow Requests

On occasion, certain departments on campus will enlist the assistance of the Office of Parking and Transportation to tow cars. Any tow charges that result from these departmental requests will be the responsibility of the department that requested the tow.